New Zealand Silver Ferns

Maria Tutaia - New Zealand Silver Fern GA
“I have had the privilege of knowing Judy Weston for many years. Judy has been my Carlton Club netball, Sports Resources netball and Auckland Waitakere National Provincial Championship Coach. “Judy has always impressed me with her enthusiasm, knowledge and the love of the game of netball. She always sets herself high standards and works to achieve them, as well as having the ability to motivate others. In her role as coach, she has been an extremely positive role model for me.” “Learning under her wing, I can honestly say that I have gained and learnt a huge amount of netball specific skills, life skills and most important gained a life-long friend.” – Maria Tutaia
Camilla Lees - Silver Fern Centre
“Judy puts 100% commitment into the game and demands equal commitment from the team. Her passion for the game pulls the team together and motivates them to succeed. As a young player she has encouraged me to work hard to achieve my personal goals and potential.”“I have huge admiration for Judy as a coach. Her knowledge of the game and ability to work with and recognise each player’s skills and potential is impressive. She demands focus, determination and hard work from all players.” “Being involved in the teams that Judy has coached has been a highlight of my netball career; firstly as a 16yr old in Auckland National Provincial side and then the U21 side.” “As a New Zealand Silver Fern I’m grateful to coaches like Judy who have and continue to encourage and support me.” – Camilla Lees

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